how to use


how to use  M A Y U M I  S K I N:

botanical face oil - apply on clean, damp skin. cleanse your face, tone if you like, put 3-5 drops on clean hands. lightly rub hands or fingers together, gently massage onto moist skin in upward circular motion. can be applied onto neck and décolleté 

optional: put your hands up to your face to enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of the organic essential oils. 

if using moisturizer or spf, always apply oil first. no moisturizer necessary though! can be applied over serum or used as a serum + moisturizer. no cream moisturizer is necessary, however if you are using a cream, apply cream after applying your face oil. can be used alone, but if you are using multiple products, the order should be: 1) cleanse, 2) tone, 3) serum, 4) oil, 5) moisturizer, 6) spf. the face oil is non-comedogenic and contains oils that help balance your skin's own sebum while keeping it hydrated.

antioxidant body oil - apply anywhere on your body as needed. best if applied after a bath or shower when skin is still moist. reapply anytime you are looking for hydration or a dewy glow. can be used as massage oil. excellent for photoshoots as it gives your skin a nice sheen and glow. can also be used on hair! when using on hair, oils work best on damp hair, focusing on the ends and avoiding the crown.

antioxidant body butter - apply anywhere on your body as needed. especially great on dry hands, feet, and elbows. best if applied after a bath, shower, or after washing hands when skin is still moist. reapply anytime you are looking for hydration or a dewy glow. make sure hands are clean when dipping in jar. 

hand & mask purifier - spray this on your hands, surfaces or on the inside and outside of your mask to disinfect. great to have in your bag or purse, in your car, in your bathroom, kitchen, or where you open packages.


all products are made and bottled by hand, to order.
thank you for supporting my small business!
with love, mayumi katarina matutina